Best web Hosting 2019 with low cost budget

It is obvious that most people don’t know how web hosting works. That why we are presenting the best web hosting of 2019. Because there are plenty of hosting services people get confused when it comes to choosing.

What Is Web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows you or every one whether it’s an organization or an individual. To host their website over the internet. The company who provides web hosting service is known as hosting providers. These hosting companies provide technologies, 24/7 electricity, and internet, cooling systems for servers. Technical support, and many more thing to host a website over the internet that is available whole time. Don’t worry we are here to present 2019 best web hosting.

Can I host a web site at home with my own computer?

Yes, you can host your website at your own computer or laptop but it is not recommended because of this process requires as we talked about it later 24/7 electricity, internet connection, well-built computer not your old potato one, a cooling system for your system because you need an always-on computer and so on.

Why it is not recommended?

Well, it is obvious that a normal person like you and me don’t have an environment with 24 hours of internet and electricity and so on. also, you have to solve everything by yourself whether it’s a hardware issue or a software one you have to handle everything owns your on and hosting companies have that environment, technologies and a whole team that take care about the technical issues.

How many web hosting services are there?

There are plenty of options and the person who is new in these technical terms can’t choose the right one without the guidance. That’s why here we are providing top web hosting of 2019.

  • Shared hosting

Shared hosting is mostly used by those who are new and don’t know where to start or the companies who want to minimize the cost of hosting in the beginning. In shared hosting, you share the exact same server with other websites its can hundreds or thousands of websites. We never get to know how many websites are there. Shared hosting is a great choice for new websites because at the start there are fewer visitors to the websites. also if you are the most famous website in the given server then your website uses the most of the resources of the server as compared to other websites same opposite can happen to your website if your website is not that much famous or most visited as compared to other ones.

  • Virtual private server (VPS)

You can choose VPS hosting if your website is attracting a good amount of visitors. a server is divided into virtual machines and these machines act like individual servers with fixed resources of RAM and CPU, unlike shared hosting where there are not fixed resources one.

Dedicated Web server

Dedicated server means you are renting the whole physical server rather than sharing it with other people. In this way, you have a complete hold on CPU and RAM. Also, you have complete root admin to the server. With a dedicated server, you don’t have to worry about the resources, unlike shared hosting where other websites are taking up your CPU power and RAM because the whole server belongs to you.

  • Reseller web hosting

Reseller web hosting is a form of hosting where the person owns a server and sells them to their own customers by giving some hard drive space, bandwidth and so on the same as the shared hosting. Or in other words, the owner may rent a dedicated server from a hosting provider and resell it as a shared hosting to their own customers with their own price.

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  • Cloud web hosting

Cloud web hosting uses the resources of several clustered servers or in other language website uses virtual resources of various servers to support all aspects of hosting your site. A cloud server is nothing but a virtual server rather than a physical server running in a cloud computing environment. A cloud server is great for business websites and popular ones because could server provide stability security and speeds to the website no matter how many visitors are visiting your website at one time. It also provides scalability to the website.


  • Colocation web hosting

In colocate you rent a rack from a data center where you set up your own server and they provide the only electricity, internet, and physical security, cooling systems to the server and you have to take care the rest of things whether it is a software issue or hardware, and backup procedures. And if hardware stops working then you have to solve the issue own your own.


  • WordPress hosting

we all know that WordPress is the most widely used CMS. WordPress hosting is a service where the technical aspect of WordPress is taken care by the hosting provider. The hosting provider will keep your WordPress up to date so that you can protect your website from hackers by closing all the loopholes and vulnerabilities. This hosting is affordable and best for startup businesses that use WordPress platform.


  • Self-service web hosting

It is nothing but you do it all by yourself. Everything from power to the data center you have to arrange everything.

Which are the best web hosting of 2019?

You should choose the web hosting according to your websites needs and your budget.  If you are just starting out with these things then you should go with shared hosting and WordPress hosting as mentioned above these are most affordable hostings right now in the market place. Later on, as your website grows you can move to a virtual private server and then dedicated server and if you want to take the thing to the next level than you can go with cloud hosting. In simple words, as your website grows, you can upgrade your server to the next level. Colocation web hosting and self-service web hosting is not suitable for us because people like us don’t carry technical knowledge and technology. Whereas Reseller web hosting is not for us it’s better to stick with hosting providers, not resellers because they add extra cost to their plans.

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Top hosting providers of 2019

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These are the most stable hosting providers in the industry. You can trust on these without any dought.